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Access Case Study

  What lead generation strategies and  
  tactics will create
more leads and revenue in 2022?  

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Many of the companies we work with are moving to LinkedIn for lead generation, prompting sales reps to use the platform more and more. A great choice, but to get sustainable and predictable results FAST, you not only need to know HOW to generate leads through LinkedIn but also develop a deep understanding of the driving concepts behind this platform.



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The Intensive

Harness the power of The Intensive to Acquire A Tested High-Performance LinkedIn Lead Generation System And Have Access To 4 Experts From Italy, UK and The Netherlands. 

Where to find more customers? And, more importantly, how? In fact, your potential customers are out there, you just need the right tools to connect with them. And for that purpose, LinkedIn is currently the optimal solution.


But to use LinkedIn as a marketing and lead generation channel, you need very specific, comprehensive, and immediately applicable knowledge. 

One way to acquire this knowledge is to spend months researching, gathering disparate information, reviewing and testing it, making mistakes and correcting them. 

Another way is to get this valuable knowledge from practicing experts, high-level professionals who not only have expertise but also experience in successfully implementing this knowledge in different industries and companies.

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Your Shortcut To Book At Least 30+ Qualified Sales Calls Per Month With Tested LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

Our Lead Generation Accelerator aims to help your company:


  • use LinkedIn as a channel for marketing and lead generation

  • identify what resources and operations/processes are needed to create a repeatable and scalable positioning and lead generation SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

  • therefore, get position via LinkedIn as a favorite provider in your domain of activity and the markets where you operate.


We will use a direct practical training, coaching and consulting approach, while entering into a comprehensive process of Brand Positioning and Organic Lead Generation via LinkedIn, where you shall define your strategy, marketing approach for content creation and distribution, along with the lead generation process, to be able to achieve high commercial results.

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