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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  Boost Your Lead Generation and  
  Conversion Rate 
with Sales Navigator  


The past 2 years were exceptionally challenging and required most of us to rethink sales strategies. We switched to virtual platforms and meetings to engage customers and as a result, we have seen a growing divide between buyers and sellers. Buyer’s response decreased by 30%, and decision makers will consider a supplier if the sales professional understands their business needs.

Therefore coach, consultants, thought leaders and sales professionals need to embrace channels (like LinkedIn & Sales Navigator) that will build trust with your customers to fully immerse themselves in buyers first principles and not only become but also stay top of mind.

  • Learn Sales Nav.

    Learn The System To Boost Your Lead Gen And Conversion Rate
    Valid for one month

What to expect from us?

  • Setting up Sales Navigator aimed at your potential clients

  • 3 Strategies to identify Leads and Decision Making Unit

  • How to identify Accounts (as well as clients for up- and cross selling) that have an increased opportunity to engage with our products/services?

  • Strategical Saved Searches to stay on top of the news in an efficient way

  • Various social selling tactics to get in touch with prospects and to work towards appointments or leads (InMail, Leads, Accounts).

  • The winning InMail strategy

  • 5 Ways to Convert using SmartLinks

  • Synergy between Sales Navigator and the regular LinkedIn account.

  • An effective strategy to implement Social Selling and Sales Navigator in the daily and weekly routine of the sales professional.

  • Information about the possible integration with your CRM and other tools.



Sales Navigator has two packages (Core and Advanced), all of which have a different cost and functionality.

Not sure (yet) which Sales Navigator subscription suits your organization and professionals best? We can help you make the right choice.

This training will take about 4 hours of online interaction. All sessions will be tailor made for our international customers, depending on current and desired knowledge level, target audience, industry and products/services. 

  • Learn Sales Nav.

    Learn The System To Boost Your Lead Gen And Conversion Rate
    Valid for one month

What's Next?


Many of the companies we work with are moving to LinkedIn for lead generation, prompting sales reps to use the platform more and more. A great choice, but to get sustainable and predictable results FAST, you not only need to know HOW to generate leads through LinkedIn but also develop a deep understanding of the driving concepts behind this platform.

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Your Shortcut To Book At Least 30+ Qualified Sales Calls Per Month With Tested LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

Our Lead Generation Accelerator aims to help your company:


  • use LinkedIn as a channel for marketing and lead generation

  • identify what resources and operations/processes are needed to create a repeatable and scalable positioning and lead generation SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

  • therefore, get position via LinkedIn as a favorite provider in your domain of activity and the markets where you operate.


We will use a direct practical training, coaching and consulting approach, while entering into a comprehensive process of Brand Positioning and Organic Lead Generation via LinkedIn, where you shall define your strategy, marketing approach for content creation and distribution, along with the lead generation process, to be able to achieve high commercial results.

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