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It's one thing being able to get results for yourself but being able to create a predictable system for others? Now that's a different story!  That's why this page exists...  All of the clients stories and results you'll see on this page have been generated using our LinkedIn Lead Machine System.

Michael Knulst, The Netherlands
The Digital Growth Group

Michael is an Revenue Growth Expert, a Business & Sales Strategist, and an international speaker based in The Netherlands. He joined our LLM program and in two and a half months went from zero to mastering LinkedIn positioning and lead generation. From a profile that hasn't been used for 3 years, to a LinkedIn presence that attracts thousands of views, new contacts and leads.

Leo Bottary, US

Peernovatio, LLC

Leo is a keynote speaker, author, workshop facilitator, podcaster, adjunct professor, and thought leader on the topics of peer advantage and Peernovation, I believe the “The Power of We Begins With You.” He joined our LLM program last year and the results have been outstanding already. Well done Leo!

Arjan Griffioen, The Netherlands
The Gillz

Arjan is a Strategic Online Marketing Specialist & Founder Gillz Marketing. He joined our LLM program last year. Arjan has gone from minimal LinkedIn usage and a profile that hasn't been updated in months to a profile optimized for lead generation and recruitment and a content marketing activity that converts.

Hannah Härtwich, The Netherlands
Hannah Härtwich

Hannah is a Systems Mapper. She uses Systems Mapping to help you: ▪️ clarify your new business idea ▪️ identify strategic changes ▪️ smoothly onboard new employees ▪️ reach the full potential of your team ▪️ support cooperation between stakeholders. She joined our LLM twice and the results have been outstanding already. 

Jennifer Delano, The Netherlands
Delano PR

With over 10 years of experience in public relations and marketing, she has helped more than 250 companies get their message across with effective PR. Her talent lies in identifying 'news hooks' in her clients’ brands and translating them into content that is appealing to online and offline media platforms such as newspapers, news portals, magazines, TV and radio.

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